Our Girls & Boys


Mitzy is a beautiful health tested AKC Poodle.  She stands 21 inches tall, and weighs 37 pounds.  She has the most calm, loving and loyal personalities, and it shines through in her puppies.  We absolutely adore her.


Molly is a health tested Bernese Mountain Dog, she's 24 inches tall and weighs 77 pounds.  She has one of the most loyal personalities you can imagine, she loves to come up and hug your leg, it's the cutest thing ever!


Anna is an offspring of Mitzy.  She's an AKC Poodle that caries Parti and Phantom.  She defiantly inherited her mothers personality.  She lives in a Guardian home and is spoiled daily. 


Marble is a F1 Bernedoodle, he's health tested, stands 25 inches tall and weighs 65 pounds.  He's a big goofy guy that loves his family.  He's sired a beautiful litter of F1b's and hopefully in the future will produce some beautiful Multigen Bernedoodles.


Goose is a medium (expected adult weight 20 pounds) Phantom Multigen Australian Labradoodle.  He has the softest perfectly wavy coat.  He's a calm and laid back kinda guy, and we can't wait for him to be old enough to sire his first litter.


Mousse is an AKC Merle Poodle, she's got sass and personality to boot! she knows just when to give you those sweet eyes to melt your heart.  She's very loving, eager to please, and is very in-tune with her humans feelings. 


Macon, IL

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