Planned Breedings 2021


F1 Tri Bernedoodles

The whole litter will be Tri standard F1 Bernedoodles ranging in weight from approximately 45-65 lbs. Please see below for past puppy examples. 

Potential Dual sired litter.

If sired by Goose puppies are Multigen Australian Labradoodles (with poodle infusion) weight approximately 25/45 lbs. Colors possible are Tri (black, white, brown), Black & Brown Phantom, red, cream, apricot with or without white abstract markings.

If sired by Marble puppies are F1b Bernedoodles, weight approximately 40/55 lbs. Colors possible are Tri, Phantom, and Partis, as well as Red, Cream, and Apricot. 

ALL PUPPIES WILL BE DNA TESTED to know who their father is. 

This litter is near and dear to my heart... not only are they the first puppies I am raising the B.A.B. way. But they were also born on my birthday... Introducing the 198/Feb. 3rd themed litter.

Jan- Reagan became the 40th president

March- Walter Cronkite signs off as anchorman of CBS

April- 1st space shuttle, Columbia 1, returns to earth. 

May- The musical "Cats" premieres in London.

Aug.- IBM introduces its first personal computer (PC & PC-Dos version 1.0)

Lady Diana marries prince Charles. 

On this day 1966 1st soft landing on Moon (Soviet Luna 9)

On this day 1959 Buddy Holy is killed in a plane crash. 


Born 2-3-2021

2.3.1981 Theme


Multigen Australian Labradoodles

(with poodle infusion)

Expected weight 30/45 lbs

Colors Chocolate & Blue Merle, Phantom, sable, fawn, red, cream, apricot, black and brown.


F1b Bernedoodles

Expected weight 35/55 lbs.

Colors: Black, Red, Apricot, Cream Brown

some with abstract white markings. 


Great Falls, MT

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